Do this if certain websites do not display properly in Internet Explorer…

December 27, 2013

Sometimes, websites do not look the way they are supposed to. There are different “web browsers”. Companies compete for your eyeballs, and each company would like you to use their browser. Google will even try to sneak their browser in without you really asking for it.

Mozilla makes the browser that is called “Firefox” image .
Apple makes “Safari” image.
Google makes “Chrome” image.

Microsoft makes “Internet Explorer” image.

I prefer to use Microsoft Internet Explorer for a variety of reasons, and other folks sometimes use the competition.

Lately their have been some “updates” to Windows, and Internet Explorer will sometimes not display websites correctly. It is up to the company who created a website to make sure it displays correctly in all Web Browser, and they don’t always get to that task in a timely fashion, meaning for a time, some sites just may not display correctly.

You can fix the issue by switching to another browser temporarily or permanently, but there is an easier way sometimes. First go to the website that is not displaying correctly, then look for the “tools” button in the upper right corner. image

In the tools menu look for “compatibility view settings”. Click the “add” button to add the faulty website to the list and make sure the checkboxes are checked. When you click “close”, the website will refresh, and many times the website will now show up correctly. If it does not, you can try using one of the competition to see if the site displays correctly. It’s a good idea to have another browser on hand sometimes, because not all sites will display correctly in all web browsers.



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