If Your New Computer Did Not Come With Windows 8.1 Pre-Installed, THEN…

October 25, 2013

Don’t do much until you get yourself updated to Windows 8.1. It’s just not worth it to bypass this critical update.

When you buy a new computer that has Windows 8.0, you MUST run a series of updates to get it to the point where you can visit the Windows store and download, for FREE, the latest version Windows 8.1

You either do this yourself, or see if the guys at the store will do it for you, or you have me do it with a remote session. That is up to you.

They managed to screw one thing up pretty bad which is the Photos App that used to contain images from Facebook, Flickr, your other computers etc. Now it only shows you photos on your own device instead of the amazing integration of before. I will give them time to rectify that really stupid mistake. (I think there may be an issue with the other companies and permissions etc., who knows, who cares really).

The good news is the new camera app is amazing, and very useful, and should make the up and coming Windows 8.1 tablets very attractive.


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