Hardware FLOOD Oct. 18th – ish!

October 8, 2013

Don’t expect any Apple and Google Android news from me, I’m the Windows guy.

With the release of Windows 8.1 all the hardware manufacturers in the Windows computer world will be releasing a TON of NEW hardware.

IF you are getting a laptop/hybrid (cross between a tablet and a laptop) try to look for the following items:

  1. Haswell Processors:
    1. Intel: i3 (low end but still good); i5 (mid-range); i7(high-end)
    2. HASWELL PROCESSORS; have REALLY good battery life. If I were buying a laptop this year, I would not consider anything else if battery life means anything to you.
  2. Touchscreen
    – everything is going touch anyway, you may as well hop on board, or stay far behind.
  3. Solid State Hard Disk – Turn on your computer and it’s on in less than 8 seconds. Sound like fun? It is. Applications also launch lightning fast as well.
    1. Solid State hard disks are now affordable at 128 gigabytes sizes, and 256 GB. Most people don’t need more space than this unless they store a LOT of video.
    2. The performance of a SSD compared to the old mechanical hard disks is insanely amazing. Everything is super-fast all the time. Its ridiculous compared to the old way.

If you are getting a Windows based tablet there will be many more choices available. Just understand the difference between:

  • Windows 8.1
    – will run ALL of your Windows applications including Quicken, QuickBooks, ITunes, and the rest of the older mouse and keyboard based programs.
  • Windows RT 8.1– will ONLY run newer touch based “Apps” from the Windows store. This is the version that is meant for tablets, even though it also runs MS Office.
    • It will also usually run and include for FREE, a special version of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook Contact manager.
    • Microsoft Office is the ONLY old style Windows application suite that will run on Windows RT.
    • Of course you can still use Internet Explorer to get to any websites, and unlike the iPad, IE will display MOST Flash enabled websites.
    • Windows RT DOESN’T GET VIRUSES, MALWARE, AND ROGUE TOOLBARS.     How cool is that?
  • Windows tablets are the only tablets that will run Microsoft Office included for free. Android and iPad use their own versions of similar products that don’t really measure up in the end.
  • Windows tablets have expandable storage, and USB ports, and the file system that you are used to in Windows.

If you are a desktop computer person, then I strongly urge you to look at All in One type computers that are just a computer in a screen. No wires, and really nice touch screens.


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