The big bad wolf of change for Windows users was last falls, Windows 8. Not a lot of people are comfortable with technology in the first place, and Windows 8 most certainly brought in a lot more anxiety for certain folks that don’t like change.

Windows 8.1 is due to arrive on Oct. 18th. Windows 8 has had a year to mature, respond to lots of user’s criticisms, add many more features and capability, and as you may not have been aware, all the Computer Manufacturers used last year as an opportunity to dump all the old, non-touch computers into the market.

So this fall there will be a massive amount of new hardware, this time with MOSTLY touch enabled screens, and the pricing will be dramatically lower than last years idiocy. I am already seeing touch screen computers at Staples for under $500, it can only get better. There will also be a flood of 8 inch Windows tablets as well, and I am very anxious to see the new Microsoft Surface 2 tablets that were priced to high last year, hopefully come down to reality in the pricing department this fall.

You can always update to 8.1 when it arrives, but if you can wait, you can get it preinstalled and ready to go.

And I am very happy that there will be LOTS of video tutorials preinstalled and ready to view on the home screen as well.

Microsoft can be pretty stupid sometimes, but they really listened to a lot of feedback this time, and they also give you the more prominent option to boot to the “desktop” and ignore the new interface altogether if you choose to stay behind the curve.