1. Touch – Most Windows PC’s sold today are loaded with the new Windows 8. Windows 8 is meant for touch. Even though there are not a plethora of “apps” yet available for Windows 8, they are arriving by the day. When faced with the choice of getting a laptop that has a touch screen or one that does not, whenever your budget allows, there is no reason to not get touch. You don’t have to use it, but when looking at a map your hand will instantly reach out to zoom in and move around, trust me. If you’re afraid of Windows 8, don’t forget you can still click on the “desktop” tile and use Windows the way it used to work on Windows 7. Here is an in-depth “tour” of Windows 8, http://tinyurl.com/bjokbl9, that every new purchaser should view.
  2. SSD’s – In the olden days of computing, the single biggest upgrade that would get you the most “speed” or “performance” was something called RAM or MEMORY. Today, the single best item every computer should have, is a Solid State Hard disk. SSD’s replace that mechanical “record player” in your computer, with a hi speed “chip” that has no moving parts and is extremely fast at launching applications. It makes everything you do on your computer faster.

    Not long ago, these items were prohibitively expensive, but are now currently in a pricing “free-fall”. SSD’s come in much smaller sizes than mechanical hard disks, but a 256 gigabyte (GB) disk is really just about all anyone needs and many folks can get by with a 128 GB, particularly if you’re not in the habit of storing years’ worth of digital video and tons and tons of photographs. Always look for this option whenever available, you may notice that it is hardly ever an option, why? Because the greedy hardware makers are making a ton of money making you believe that you need these 1 and 2 terabyte (TB) hard disks, and they use those numbers to differentiate between different models, to make you “think” that you’re getting a better deal.

  3. Purchase – directly from Microsoft – the Microsoft retail stores are opening up across the country. In the confusing world of technology, NOTHING beats having a place to go to get help, ask questions, and walk your troubles right in to someone’s hands. That is why I have a business, and I am more than happy to spread the good word about the Microsoft Stores.

    Microsoft also does not pre-load ANY Crap Ware onto new computers, they run fast right out of the box. I hope MS comes to Cape Cod someday, but in the mean time you can purchase, AND ask questions in the chat box
    at their website: www.microsoftstore.com. Currently the only locations near us are, Boston (Prudential Center), Braintree, Natick, and Salem, NH. Staples would be second to Microsoft, Best Buy is a nightmare.