Are you ready to change the way you use a computer? That answer depends on the person. The new release of Windows 8 is the first time that I find myself unsure of what to tell certain people.

Because certain people have a very hard time adjusting to technology changes.

Or do they? With the rising popularity of Smartphones like iPhone and Android and Windows Phone 8, not only have some of those same people that were so afraid of change, done exactly that, but they are having a lot of fun with it.

As technology moves ahead there will be a very large gap developing between people that use “computers” and people that use “devices”.

A device is what most “consumers” will be using to check email, surf the Internet, take and share pictures, download and install neat “apps” for mapping, playing movies with Netflix or Hulu, all kinds of things that we used to rely on computers for. These are most closely associated with tablets and smartphones and have “touch screens”.

It should be noted as well, with great interest by the consumer, that these devices are largely unsuseptible to viruses, and malware, and when something goes drastically wrong, the “fix” is often, to just turn it off, and turn it back on? Is it starting to sound a little more attractive?

A computer on the other hand can do all of that and a whole lot more. With a computer you can be the “programmer” that creates all those apps, websites, photo programs. The stock exchange will never be run using an iPad for example. Publishing, engineering, real estate, all of the corporate world will always need a real computer to do all of the things that the consumer devices don’t need to do.

Windows runs on 90% of the worlds “computers”. But now the popularity of the consumer devices is forcing us all into the future. And Windows 8 is a giant leap forward in that direction. With Windows 8 they have put a “touch interface” in as the first thing you see when you turn on the computer. However the old “Desktop” is still there, and can still be used the same as ever. The start button is gone, and been replaced by a new Start Screen.

Windows RT refers to the new Windows tablet “devices”. Windows 8 will have all the capability of a computer, mixed in with alot of the simplicity of “devices”. Maybe a bit confusing at first, but maybe not as confusing as your TV Remote. I guess it depends on the user.

Think of it as a Smart Phone on your computer, you might just love it, but unlike your smartphone, you can just go back to the old way of doing things if it scares you. I always encourage people to move ahead, but this time you might want to take a peek at what you’re getting in to first.