Why remove Java?

March 16, 2012

Java is a programming language that is used for certain website based games and a few other things on the internet.

I usually tell people to remove Java because it is a very popular way to get hit by a “drive by” malware infection. A drive by infection works like this. You do a Google search for a popular topic, in the search results, a malicious website creator has managed to get one of his java infected websites into the search results. You click on the website link and without doing anything else; if you don’t have an updated version of Java installed; you could get infected, without having touched anything on the screen at all.

I used to tell people to keep java updated, but the best thing to do is remove it altogether. If you end up needing it back, the game your are playing or the site you need to use will prompt you to reinstall Java, and then at that point you will benefit from having the latest version installed.

Older versions of Java may appear in the program list as J2SE Runtime Environment or Java 2 Runtime Environment.

Remove older versions of Java in the same way as you would remove any other software from your Windows computer.

Windows 7 and Vista – Uninstall Programs
Click Start
Select Control Panel
Select Programs
Click Programs and Features
Select the program you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button.
You may need administrator privileges to remove programs.

Windows XP – Uninstall Programs
Click Start
Select Control Panel
Click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon
The Add/Remove control panel displays a list of software on your system, including any Java software products that are on your computer. Select any that you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Remove button.
Add/Remove Control Panel: Remove Java Runtime Environment

It is also important to keep ANY computer up to date. Mac OR PC, to avoid any problems. If you are not sure about any screens that come up, feel free to call me or take a picture of the screen with your camera phone and email it to me.

Good luck, JF