Don’t worry about your tablets or phones, they all use a technology to access the information on the device called a “Solid State Drive”. It’s your laptops and your big box computers that are being victimized at the moment.

Your computer relies on a device inside of it called a Hard disk drive to store and access your documents and photos etc. This is a mechanical device that resembles sort of a tiny LP Record player from the olden days. However this mechanical disk at this point in history really should be converted over to an SSD, or Solid State Drive.

You’ve seen that annoying red light that comes on every time you open a program on your computer? That is your mechanical hard disk working very hard to do something an SSD can do a LOT faster. In my humble opinion, NO COMPUTER should be using a mechanical hard disk anymore. Why? SSD’s used to be very expensive and did not offer a lot of storage space.

Recently I was looking at prices and noticed a very dramatic drop in those prices. Something that was $1000 not long ago, can now be purchased for $200!!! So while the PC manufacturers keep luring folks into believing you need a 1Terabyte (TB) hard disk drive on your computer, the reality is most people can get away with 256GB, or 512GB. Unless you store an awful lot of movies and music, and I mean a LOT; you don’t need to sacrifice the speed you can get from an SSD with one of those ridiculously large mechanical drives you get on todays PC’s.

The problem really is, that the manufacturers aren’t even offering SSD’s on most new computers. Probably because they make a lot more money selling you the old crap! Walk into any Best Buy, and you will need to ask the sales person if it has that SSD.

Some more good news coming out of all this, is that you can actually convert your old hard disk over (clone) to a new style SSD, and gain an immediate benefit. Sometimes the effort is not worth it, but sometimes it is. I will consider upgrading older computers over to SSD’s when Windows 10 arrives next year. I have been using pre-release versions of Windows 10 lately on old crappy computers with SSD hard drives, and they run REALLY fast. I’ll keep you posted on that front.